5 Reasons Why You Need to Implement an Automation System Now

October 31st, 2016

Automation systems help boost efficiency in production and processing of materials, and are considered more productive than man-handling multiple components. Automation systems can include conveyor belts, special computerized manufacturing processes, pick-and-place systems, robotics, vision systems, probes, and sensor-based inspection systems. Smaller manufacturing companies aren’t always in the know about the types of automation applications that are available to them, or the advantages they can bring. It can be difficult to specify and determine exactly what kind of automation application a manufacturer needs.

Small businesses often are unaware of the benefits of automation systems. Many smaller manufacturers are hesitant to make an investment in automation equipment for a number of reasons. However, working with an automation partner like Dynamic Design Solutions, Inc. ensures the most favorable return on investment. Here are five reasons why you should consider implementing an automation system to improve your production processes:

1. Automation helps create more efficient, standardized processes, with lower levels of waste, lower costs, and higher quality products.

2. Most successful manufacturers are investing in advanced automation systems to compete in regional, national, and global markets.

3. With updated automation equipment, you can expand your capabilities to include new or different work outside of your traditional targeted customer base. Win more business with increased productivity and capacity.

4. Most automation applications to solve common production problems have already been invented – you just have to tailor them. Customize your automation system to suite your specific needs.

5. Investing in advanced manufacturing allows you to compete in relatively high-cost economies, with specialized processes and greater precision.

Automations systems aren’t always brand new or expensive, and are often refurbished or redesigned to suit a specific need. Automating specific portions of your production process with need-specific equipment like a conveyor system or packaging machine can also be a more affordable alternative. For more information on designing a custom automation system to suit your specific needs, contact the experts at Dynamic Design Solutions Inc., for a free quote.

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