When your project specifications and requirements have yet to be finalized, DDS can help provide an agile development path forward. We use a phased design approach during concepting, prototyping, designing, and building of a new automated system. These efforts include concept work, simulations, solid modeling, studies and design work.

Each step of the process will follow a similar path to ensure that the progress and direction of the project meets the customer’s expectations. Each stage is presented with a plan, weekly updates, a presentation of work performed, and recommendations for next steps. We encourage collaboration with the customer on the development and path forward: each development stage will be presented to the customer before beginning and we schedule a meeting to collaborate on the current development and the path forward at the end of each phase.

The project development phases may evolve throughout the project as needed, but typically follow these steps:

  • Data Gathering
  • Concept Generation
  • Concept Development with Feasibility Study
  • FEA Studies
  • Prototyping/ Proof of Concept
  • Engineering and Design
  • System Build and Integration

Process Development

Our talented team of engineers and project managers work directly with you to develop or manage a project. The design process ranges from overall conceptual engineering to detailed design and machine/ system programming. With a fully staffed engineering department, we have advanced experience in designing and building innovative solutions for any manufacturing environment.

  • SOW development
  • Feasibility studies
  • FEA studies
  • Proof of principle
  • Spec/quote development
  • TM projects
  • Vision inspection analysis and development


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